“More than consulting”

As SPRO, we do not only make projects with our customers. We walk with them on their digital transformation journeys. That is why we continue to do business with all our customers who have set out with us since the day we were founded. We’re proud of that.

SPRO Consulting was established in 2013 in Istanbul by four idealist partners who have long experience in management and consulting in the ERP sector. The aim of the organization is to improve the practices in the existing consultancy sector, to make a difference and to improve productivity and efficiency by implementing best practices in various industries with the aim of continuous improvement. SAP Consulting is active in the sector. Having a young, dynamic and experienced staff, SPRO continues its expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) by offering solutions in its ongoing projects within the framework of its corporate principles. It offers the best service to its customers by reflecting its sectoral experiences in its ongoing projects.

We believe in teamwork


1. Solution-Oriented

SPRO Provides solutions that support customers’ business processes in the most effective way.

2. We do not compromise on quality

We have an exemplary organization for quality criteria.

3. Customer satisfaction first

In our projects, we implement the customer satisfaction-oriented project implementation methodology without compromise.

4. We believe in teamwork

Together with our team members, we adopt a development and employee-oriented management style

5. We do the work according to the book

Best practice solutions

6. We appreciate the experience

We transfer our experiences in different sectors to new projects with our experienced consultant team.

7. Our integration capabilities

We have experience in integration with industrial solutions, SAP and otherr external systems.

8. Agile Support

24/7 SAP application support

Our Vision

among the leading SAP consulting company in Turkey. To provide solutions to our clients in management consultancy.

Our Mission

Quality, effective and customer satisfaction-oriented business while at the same time knowledge, employee satisfaction and corporate culture within the framework of corporate development. To build strong friendships in business life with our solution partners