With Mobile WM, you can manage all your Warehouse Management processes on mobile.

Mobile WM is a product that will enable you to manage your warehouse management processes easily and quickly on a single screen and reduce your labor need and costs.

Why Mobile WM?

  • It is integrated with SAP warehouse management processes.
  • It is fully integrated with the SAP WM module.
  • You can make all your transactions from the field instantly without going over the table.
  • You can manage all your transactions on one screen.
  • Mobil WM works with SAP Fiori infrastructure.

With Mobile WM, you can manage all your in-warehouse processes:

  • Accept goods
  • Pallet Operations
    • Palletizing
    • Adding Materials to the Palette
    • Removing Material from the Pallet
    • Transfer Between Pallets
    • Printing a Palette Label
  • Transfer Operations
    • Transfer between warehouses
    • Transfer between Production Sites
  • In-warehouse transactions
    • Transfer between addresses
    • Transfer between orders
    • Unrestricted, blocked, quality, transfers between project stocks
  • Delivery Operations
    • Picking up
    • Withdrawal cancellation
  • Reports
  • Counting Transactions

Supported objects

  • Transport Unit Management
  • Warehouse Unit Management
  • Party Managed Material
  • Batch-Free Material
  • One-step processes
  • Double-step transactions
  • Sent and received deliveries
  • Cancellations

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