BarkodPro is the solution that provides the integration of the warehouse and all business units served by the warehouse on a mobile basis.

With the mobile barcode application; without the need for a computer, it becomes possible to access the SAP system in any environment where internet access is available.

Counting performance can be monitored instantly via dashboards,

The processing speed and working efficiency of the warehouse personnel are increased by 30%. By standardizing the business conduct of the warehouse and integrated business units, it ensures the transition from a person-based business culture to a system-based business culture.

The application, which works in integration with SAP, provides easy-to-use and simplicity, goods output, transfer registration, staging, etc. It allows us to perform transactions faster and with less error rate.

Since it can be used with devices such as phones, tablets, etc., it significantly reduces investment costs.



  • Warehouse Barcoding Operations
  • Warehouse Entry Operations
  • Warehouse Transport Operations
  • Warehouse Consuption Processes
  • Warehouse Counting Operations
  • Warehouse Counting Controls


  • Eliminates the need for location and desktop computers
  • Saving time with simpler transaction screens
  • Access to the SAP system wherever internet access is available
  • Performing transactions with an easier interface
  • Every transaction made in the warehouse can be done with QR Code
  • Easy system analysis with dashboards
  • In counting, about 5 materials can be easily counted in 1 minute.
  • Counting control and accounting operations can be performed in accordance with global standards and authorization procedures.
  • QR code can be printed on both ERP and application.