About Our Company

Who are we?

As SPRO, we do not just complete projects with our customers. We walk with them on digital transformation journey of theirs

Its purpose in the establishment is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness by developing the best practices in various industries by developing the practices in the current consultancy sector, making a difference and continuous development. It operates in the SAP Consulting Sector. SPRO, which has a young, dynamic and experienced staff, continues its expertise in Corporate Resource Planning (ERP) by offering solutions within the framework of its own institutional principles. It offers the best service to its customers by reflecting its sectoral experience in its ongoing projects.

SPRO Consulting was established in Istanbul in 2013 by four idealist partners with many years of management and consulting experience in the ERP industry.


Spro ERP Danışmanlığı

ERP Consultancy

We enable organizations to gather all their business processes and teams under one system, thus saving time and cost.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

With the experience we have gained over the years, we provide improvements for the future of the institutions.

Technology Consulting

We can produce different solutions according to the needs of institutions.


We organize on-the-spot trainings so that institutions can get the most out of their ERP systems.