SPRO Consulting; is a reliable partner for us with its competent, solution-oriented consultant staff. The most important key to success is the fact that they embrace the works, care for them and stand by us at critical times in every project we do. It is very important that SPRO is able to keep up with us on issues that we need to take fast action by sector. We are very pleased to work with SPRO, thank you to the whole team.

Ufuk Doğan – GRATIS SAP Manager

Using the SAP infrastructure since 2003, our search for a team that will support the agile business model of Bilkom and dynamic changes of the IT retail sector ended with SPRO consultants. From our breathtaking brainstorming meetings to the satisfaction of our internal users with the ultimate solution, not only in terms of SAP, but also in deciding processes and solutions, our valuable consultants like our inhouse team; working with the right partners is one of our most important gains.

Azade Çerkezoğlu -Bilkom Corporate Development & It Manager

As Frimpeks, we made the SAP live transition in October 2014. PP module consultancy continued until it went live. After the live PP module, we continued to receive consultancy services in MM / WM modules. If you expect your consultancy service from the company; If trusting / believing, getting the right and practical solution, seeing an idealistic / clear / sincere team, being guided correctly, communicating correctly and working harmoniously, working with those who know best, SPRO is the right address. Thank you Spro for the value they have added and will continue to add to our company.

Ferya Bursalı -Frimpeks Accounting Manager