Schedulepro (Production Scheduling Solution)

How about a parametric and easy-to-understand scheduling product that does not force you?

Our product, which performs automatic scheduling and capacity balancing on SAP S / 4 and R / 3 without the need for integration to any new server, also helps you to follow the production processes simultaneously.

Mobile PM (Maintenance and Repair Management)

Maintenance Repair Order, Creating PM Order, Creating Notification, Consumption of the components used in the process, Assignment of Task, Entries of Posture and Processing Times, Notification Listing, Notification Closing …
Works on ITS or Fiori

Mobile QM (Quality Management)

Our fully integrated product with SAP, which operates on the Fiori platform, where you can manage your Quality Control and Quality Reporting processes with your mobile devices, and receive data from your control equipment with integration.

Mobile WM (Warehouse Management)

Palletizing Processes, Addressing Processes, Transport Processes, Delivery Processes, Counting Processes ..
It runs on ITS or UI5.

E-Ledger Solution

The e-Ledger, the books that are required to be kept within the scope of the Turkish Commercial and Tax Procedure Laws, in electronic environment;
is the service of creating, recording, storing and presenting. e-book;
It has the same legal validity as paper notebooks.

Mobile Retail (Mobile Store Management)

With Mobil Mağazacılık, you can manage all merchandising-related processes except cash register sales in stores.

E-Archive Solution

The e-Archive Application, which came into force with the General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law No. 433, is an application that includes the creation of the invoice electronically in accordance with the standards determined by the Revenue Administration, electronic preservation, submission and reporting.

E-Invoice Solution

No. 397 in Turkey commissioned by TPL notification e-billing process is integrated in the most efficient way. It is a product that allows the vendor and customer invoices to be sent to GIB integrated from the SAP screens, the invoices from GIB are recorded, and the reports are tracked and rejected. Our e-Invoice solution has the feature to integrate with different integrators.

E-Waybill Solution

The e-Waybill Application, which came into force with the General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law No. 487, is an application that covers one of the commonly used documents as an electronic document in accordance with the standards set by the Revenue Administration, electronic transmission, preservation and submission.

Mobile Solutions

Fiori, ITS, UI5, Web Dynpro, BSP…