Our fully integrated product with SAP, which operates on the Fiori platform, where you can manage your Quality Control and Quality Reporting processes with your mobile devices, and receive data from your control equipment with integration.

Why Mobile QM?

  • It eliminates location dependency in your quality control process. You can record instantly wherever the control is carried out.
  • You can instantly see the tasks on your mobile device and take action.
  • Instead of reading the data from the control devices and entering the system, you can receive data directly from the device.
  • You can turn deficiencies in the field controls into notifications and speed up the process.

Mobile QM Functions

  • Creating an Inspection Party
  • Checking Party Listing
  • Inspection Lot Result Entry
  • Control Party Result Entry Device Integration
  • Making a Control Party Use Decision
  • Creating a Notification via the Inspection Party
  • Creating Notifications
  • Notification Listing
  • Notification Processing (Task, Operation, Result etc.)